It’s all about the base….Tan!

With the festival season in full swing, here is Ellevisage Beauty’s tanning guide on getting the perfect festival tan without damaging your skin.

It’s all about the base! Everyone wants to know how to avoid getting a streaky or patchy tan. Well without the perfect base you will not get the perfect tan. It is essential you prep your skin 24 hours before having a Kissed by Mii spray tan at Ellevisage Beauty.

Prep checklist

  1. Exfoliate your skin. Using one of our Kissed by Mii body exfoliating creams, gently massage the cream into damp skin, working in circular motions, this removes any dead skin cells and helps get your skin silky smooth.
  2. Give your skin a drink. Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! We cannot stress how important it is to moisturise your skin. We hydrate our bodies by drinking water, so why don’t we hydrate our skin by moisturising? (Ellevisage top tip alert- Did you know most wrinkles on our face are caused by dehydration?)
  3. Remove hair. Make sure you shave/wax at least 24hrs before having a Kissed by Mii tan. Remember, if you shave/wax afterwards you will remove the tan, leaving it white and patchy.

Spray tan

(Image source: Laurensway blog)

Now we have the base sorted, you need to think about what to wear to your tanning appointment.

Make sure you wear dark baggy clothing, flip flops, old knickers (if you don’t want to use our paper knickers). Remove jewellery and any make up and be prepared to stand in all sorts of funny positions for us to get the tan applied correctly.

Now we know you are thinking about the most important question of all…

How long will my tan last?

If you have prepped correctly and looked after your tan, it should last between 3-5 days.

What to do after your tanning treatment

  • Wait at least 1-3 hours after application before you shower. This will allow time for the tan to develop.
  • Don’t worry if you see colour wash off from your first shower, this is normal. What you see washing off is the guide colour and what is left behind is a beautiful sunless tan.
  • Do not apply moisturiser until after your first shower.
  • Do not exercise until after your first shower.
  • Moisturise daily, especially after bathing, to maintain your sunless tan. For best results use a water based moisturiser. Don’t use an oil based moisturiser, as it can cause patchy areas to the tan.
  • If sunbathing remember to wear a sunscreen. Kissed by Mii products do not contain sunscreen. Although you look like you have a tan, you will still need a sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning.

Kissed by Mii spray tan

More about Kissed by Mii

Created with marine mineral extracts, Kissed by Mii has taken the nourishing benefits of coral seaweed and coastal flowers to replenish your skin’s natural minerals, leaving it sublimely soft so your tan can develop beautifully.

A professional tanning treatment (with both spray and manual options available at Ellevisage Beauty) and a complete homecare range, Kissed by Mii is effortless to choose and even easier to use.

Now there are only two things left to do, get your festival tickets at the ready and call the Ellevisage girls to get your tanned booked!


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