Karen and Ellie, a mother and daughter team, have been working in the beauty industry for many years. They run the busy Ellevisage Beauty Salon offering a wide range of beauty treatments, and more recently, the Ellevisage Training Academy. They continue to work as therapists alongside the training academy which means they are easily able to empathise with beauty therapists in the field.

You will always find them hugely generous with tips and advice whether you are starting up a salon of your own, need a little help and advice with techniques or you just need ideas to get more clients.

Ellie has worked with Alison Francis, the owner of AHFrancis from the age of 16 while studying at Oxford International School of Beauty. Ellie showed a flare for beauty immediately and by the age of 21, she was head trainer at AHFrancis. Alison is also Ellie’s godmother and continues to be her life mentor.

Karen did her beauty training alongside her interior design business so her attention to detail, in particular is one of her strengths. Karen’s students are usually overwhelmed by the amount of effort she makes to ensure that her students leave feeling confident to go out in the world and do treatments.

You’ll find the Ellevisage Beauty Salon and Training Academy nestled between Salisbury and Romsey. Its beautiful ‘boutique setting’ – a converted stable block – has plenty of parking for when you pop by for a beauty treatment or training session.

Ellevisage Beauty Salon and Training Academy


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